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Copyrights of works uploaded to Theseus

Although the works uploaded to Theseus are Open Access online publications, the copyright of each work will always remain property of the author of the thesis. (http://www.finlex.fi/en/laki/kaannokset/1961/en19610404.pdf). Using work in breach of the user rights granted by its author and without referencing the source is considered a copyright infringement. Plagiarism, i.e. presenting the work or parts of the work of another author as your own, is forbidden and its perpetrators are often caught.

You can define how you will allow your work to be used. When uploading a thesis to Theseus you can 1) reserve all rights to the thesis or 2) use a Creative Commons licence to define the way you wish your work to be used. With a Creative Commons licence, you can waive some of your copyrights and give users, viewers or experiencers of your work the freedom to use it to your desired extent. By combining different licences, you can waive your rights to the desired extent, for example by forbidding commercial use. Under Creative Commons, the traditional ‘all rights reserved’ has been substituted with ‘some rights reserved’. You can find more information on Creative Commons licences here.