Welcome to Submission Page of Theseus Open Repository of the Universities of Applied Sciences

Uploading a thesis to the Theseus Open Repository

Start the uploading process of your thesis once it has been completed and your supervisor has approved it. A thesis may be uploaded to the database only once and cannot be edited once it has been uploaded. Therefore it is important that you upload the final, approved version of your thesis.

We hope you have also checked that your thesis complies with the Accessibility Directive. More information on accessibility and a checklist can be found on Theseus Accessibility Guidelines page.

Below you will find video and text instructions on how to upload your thesis.

Before Uploading

  1. Convert your thesis to a PDF/A file. Name the file using the format of “Surname_Forename”, for example “Student_Steve.pdf”. The characters allowed are 1-9, a-z, A-Z, _, - and space. If there are several authors name the file using the format of "Surname_Surname_Surname.pdf".

Login and choose collection

  1. Click the ‘Save thesis’ button on the submissions.theseus.fi page. Login with your university ID. You end up to a Item submission page. Choose a collection you want to upload to and then click the "Next" button. If your your university has both open and restricted collection to choose from, there are two possible options. Otherwise only an open collection is available. If you are uncertain of which one to choose, check Open or restricted collection -guide.

Licence: Accept the Distribution Licence

  1. First in order to upload your thesis you have grant the terms of the Distribution Licence. Grant the license by selecting 'I Grant the License'; and then click 'Next'-button.


  1. Upload the thesis from your computer. You can upload multiple files. If upload fails, please check that the name of the file consist only of allowed characters that are: 1-9, a-z, A-Z, _, - and space.

Describe Item: Basic information and user rights

  1. Write author's name and click Add. If there is more than one author, do the same thing again.
  2. Enter your email address that you will use after the graduation. The email address is not displayed in Theseus interface.
  3. Choose which copyrights you will grant to the users of your thesis:
    • “All rights reserved” means that you will retain the rights to your work in accordance with normal copyright legislation.
    • You also have the opportunity to share some of your copyrights with the users of your thesis by adopting a Creative Commons licence. With a Creative Commons licence, you can inform other users of what they are allowed to do with your work. You can, for example, allow them to copy, share, display or present your thesis or modified versions of it and to obligate them to reference your name as the original author. You can select a Creative Commons licence when you own all rights to your thesis or you have permission from the owners of parallel copyrights to use the licence. Read more about Creative Commons.
  4. Choose the level of the thesis from the drop down directory.
  5. Choose field of education from the drop down directory. Fields are found in alphabetical order.
  6. Write down the name of your degree programme and specialisation. Degree programme is a mandatory field, specialisation is optional.
  7. Write the name of the thesis. Separate the possible subtitle with a colon (Title: Subtitle)
  8. Generate the URN-identifier by clicking the link. The system will give you a URN address, which will be the permanent link to your thesis on the Internet. Copy the link and save it, if you need to add the permanent link of your thesis to your examination certificate application. You will receive confirmation by email when your UAS library staff has checked your work and your thesis has been transferred to the Theseus open repository. The confirmation includes the address of your thesis URN.
  9. Choose the year of completion of the thesis and the main language.
  10. Give subject terms to your work by checking the boxes from a suggested list of subject terms. You can also add additional subject terms. Start writing the word the the field below and choose the appropriate term from the drop down menu. Do not use your own terms.
  11. Add the abstract of your thesis.The abstract can be typed in or copied and pasted. If you are copying from word processor which uses spelling, please remove the spelling from pasted text before copying to Theseus. In case you want to save an abstract with another language, you can use the same function. If you also want to add an abstract in other language than the thesis main language, do it using the field.
  12. Add the the name of the orderer or commissioner. This field is not mandatory.
  13. Fill in the duration of the mp3 or mp4 -file in full minutes if it is attached with the thesis file. If necessary, round to nearest minute.
  14. After filling in all the mandatory fields click "Next".
  15. You will receive confirmation by email that your thesis has been transferred to the Theseus open repository. Your work will be visible online once the library personnel of your university of applied sciences have checked the information related to your thesis.

Final Check

  1. Check the metadata you have given and send it all to Theseus.

Theses published in Theseus are freely available for browsing on the Internet and can also be found with a Google search, for example. We recommend that you remove any personal contact information, such as addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers, from the published thesis.

Before commencing the uploading of your thesis in Theseus, please read the checklist.

If you encounter any problems uploading your work, or if you for some reason want to cancel your uploading, please contact the library of your university of applied sciences.