Welcome to Submission Page of Theseus Open Repository of the Universities of Applied Sciences

Uploading a thesis to the Theseus Open Repository

Start the uploading process of your thesis once it has been completed and your supervisor has approved it. A thesis may be uploaded to the database only once and cannot be edited once it has been uploaded. Therefore it is important that you upload the final, approved version of your thesis.

  1. Convert your thesis to a PDF file (see separate instructions). Name the file using the format of “Surname_Forename”, for example “Student_Steve.pdf”. The characters allowed are 1-9, a-z, A-Z, _, - and space.
  2. Click on the ‘Save thesis’ button on the submissions.theseus.fi page
  3. Select the rights you would like to grant to the readers of your thesis:
    •  “All rights reserved” means that you will retain the rights to your work in accordance with normal copyright legislation.
    • You also have the opportunity to share some of your copyrights with the users of your thesis by adopting a Creative Commons licence. With a Creative Commons licence, you can inform other users of what they are allowed to do with your work. You can, for example, allow them to copy, share, display or present your thesis or modified versions of it and to obligate them to reference your name as the original author. You can select a Creative Commons licence when you own all rights to your thesis or you have permission from the owners of parallel copyrights to use the licence. Read more about Creative Commons.
  4. Enter you e-mail address and click on ‘Continue’. The system will provide you with a URN link, which will be the permanent address of your thesis on the Internet. In addition you will be given a link which you should follow to continue saving your thesis. You will also receive the URN identifier and the link for saving the thesis via email. Continue saving the thesis by clicking the link on the page.
  5. Read and accept the terms of use.
  6. Fill in all the required information in the thesis publication form and upload the PDF file into Theseus.
  7. You will receive confirmation by email that your thesis has been transferred to the Theseus open repository. Your work will be visible online once the library personnel of your university of applied sciences have checked the information related to your thesis

Theses published in Theseus are freely available for browsing on the Internet and can also be found with a Google search, for example. We recommend that you remove any personal contact information, such as addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers, from the published thesis.

Before commencing the uploading of your thesis in Theseus, please read the checklist.

If you encounter any problems uploading your work, or if you for some reason want to cancel your uploading, please contact the library of your university of applied sciences.