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Checklist for those saving their work in Theseus

If you intend to save your thesis in Theseus, please consider the following matters:

  • You should primarily follow the instructions of your university of applied sciences when saving your thesis.
  • Save your thesis as a PDF file
  • The copyrights to the thesis are your property, so it is your own choice whether you wish to publish your thesis online. If the thesis has been written in cooperation with other persons or as a commission for an organisation, please make sure that all parties agree to the publication of the work in an Open Access online environment.
  • Theses published in Theseus are freely available for browsing on the Internet and can also be found using search engines. For this reason, it is extremely important that you remove all personal contact information, such as addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers.
  • The thesis cannot be edited once it has been saved. Therefore it is important that you save the final version of your thesis, which has been approved by your supervisor.
  • If you have any questions regarding saving your thesis, you should first contact the library of your university of applied sciences.