Welcome to Submission Page of Theseus Open Repository of the Universities of Applied Sciences

Universities of Applied Sciences Open Access Statement

The Universities of Applied Sciences strive to promote open access to the results of research and development work. The results of publicly funded research and development work must be openly accessible to everyone on the Internet

The Universities of Applied Sciences can improve the visibility, utilisability and impact of their own research publications by making them accessible through an open electronic library.

The Open Repository, Theseus, is a user-friendly publishing environment for teachers and researchers to ensure open access to their publications. The publications available in Theseus can be found at https://publications.theseus.fi, which are sorted by the Universities of Applied Sciences.

After 1 January 2010, the Universities of Applied Sciences will require all teachers and researchers who work at the universities to save a copy of their research essays that are published in scientific publications, or a university publication series, in the open repository, Theseus. Theseus is maintained by ARENE ry.

Here, research essays cover all single essays published in scientific magazines, publication series, conference publications or other compilations. This requirement does not apply to monographs.

It is also recommended for copies of those essays published before 1 January 2010 to be saved in Theseus.

In addition to research essays, other types of publications, such as popularised essays, other published articles, Universities of Applied Sciences publication series and, when publication agreements allow, also monographs and educational material can all be saved in Theseus.

ARENE ry recommends that teachers and researchers of Universities of Applied Sciences promote those publication channels that follow an open publication policy for their respective publications. These channels include Open Access magazines and openly available publication series in each field of education, for example.