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Information about saving a publication in Theseus

The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences, ARENE ry, has issued an Open Access statement, in which it recommends that lecturers and researchers working at universities of applied sciences publish and save their publications in an open access online environment.

Theseus enables publications created at universities of applied sciences to be saved as Open Access online publications.

The publications are saved in Theseus using a save form that can only be used by members of the staff of the universities of applied sciences. You can log into the service using your Shibboleth username. The system determines whether the person logging in is a member of staff from the eduPersonAffiliation attribute in the Shibboleth username, which should contain either the ‘staff’ or ‘employee’ status. If you university of applied sciences uses a different means to indicate staff status, an exception can be made on the form. In such a case, please contact Theseus Support using the feedback form.

After saving, publications are transferred directly to Theseus, with the delay between saving and transfer to the archives being about five minutes. The publication save form does not include the option of accepting the terms of use, and publication archives are not subject to the acceptance/rejection process of the thesis archives.

You can only choose archives intended for publications from the archive selection option on the form. The form will provide a URN identifier, which is created from the ISBN number of the publication’s electronic version, if this has been entered. If there is no ISBN, the system will create a URN identifier using the URN:NBN:fi:amk format, in a similar way as with theses.

Theseus moderators can edit the saved information of publications after it has been entered, so, if necessary, you should contact the library of your university of applied sciences.

The publication archives have been created according to the wishes of each university of applied sciences. You can discuss any additions or modifications to the archives with the persons responsible for publications at your university of applied sciences.